Senior Officers

Senior Officers

Senior Officers Course

About this course

This course mainly for new Masters and Chief Officers designated to polish their acument of the ships senior staff i dialing with day to day practical shipboard issues. It helps to focus shipboard interaction and exchange information with charters, stevedors, sub-charters, shippers, receiver, egents and owners. It provides guidance on methods and procedures to follow to protect owner's interest in verious operational situation and the evidence and documentation that must be collected and recorded. 

The course provides senior officers with the knowledge and skills to gather and digest information, to make rational decisions based on the facts during an emergency, to recognize how preplanning and preparation and training will assist in the overall management process.

This field of study involves leadership, direction, and administration within a marine context.


Course content

Vessel stability pre-planning

- Stability calculation

- Cargo handling and stowage

- Ship’s correspondence

- Shipping procedure and Documentation

- Mariners rolle in collecting evidence

- Charter parties 

- H&M and P&I Insurance 

- ISM, ISPS, STCW 95 main points  

- Ballast water management 

- Garbage management plan

- Bridge / Port watchkeeping

- Contingency plans

- The orientation and emergency training of crew members

- Emergency management

- Drills using pre-planned initial responses

- Drills while responding to changing situations

- Responsibilities

- Deck Maintenance 

- Job descriptions

- Permit System

- Safety Awareness and Near Miss, Unsafe Act, Unsafe Situation Reporting

- Environmental Protection


How to book

The course is run on demand, please contact the Admissions Team for information or forthcoming availability:

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