Pride Marine Agency provides the following services: 

- Crew planning – Based upon the needs of the owner.

- Arranging any types of pre-employement tests and checkings according to the Principal’s methods and technology.

- Takes care of the crew members before, during and after the time on board (contract).

- Booking/purchacing bus/railway/air tickets for any destinations all over the world.

- 24 hour emercency hotline.

- Insurance of seafarers.

- Arranging any types of medical examinations.

- Correspondence with flag states.

- Flag document arrangements.

- Accounting – payroll and allotments. Crew accounting- handling of all accounting issues in   full/part management on request of owners or others factors.

- Visa arrangements.

- Arrange renewal of seafarers’. documentation and additional training.

- Supply with the working clothes and uniform with Principal’s logo.




Because of the importance of good, qualified and motivated Seafarers in the operations of a ship, we are obliged to provide you with highly qualified, experienced and certificated Crews who meet the highest standards and are fully audited.

We view competence as most valuable when it grows in interaction between education, training, attitudes and behaviour of all individuals and value creation at the workplace.


Required Documents


All Crews to be provided must as a matter of necessity posses the following documents:

- Certificate of Competency.

- Seaman’s Record / Discharge book.

- International Passport.

- Medical Certificate of Fitness. Vaccination Card.

- IMO STCW ‘95 Mandatory Certificates.

Each seafarer shall undertake to serve the company competently and shall undertake that they posses and will exercise, the skill commensurate with the certificate that they declare to hold.

The company shall be entitled to require that any engaged seafarer shall have a satisfactory pre-employment medical examination, at company expense, by a company nominated doctor and that the seafarer answer faithfully any questionnaire on their state of health, which may be required.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive additional information about our services!!!