Anchor Handling

Anchor Handling

Anchor Handling Course

About this course

The purpose of this course is to provide understanding how anchor handling operations are done and train key personal to perform their duties with understanding of risks and procedures during running anchors by making the participants aware of hazards and pitfalls and by giving them a thorough understanding of both theory and practical experience.

The course is conducted as interplay between theoretical presentations and case studies.


Course content:

- Introduction

- Planning and risk assessment of anchor handling operations

- Winch calculation and capacity

- Anchor handling winches

- Chain wheels

- Correct and safe use of Shark jaws (Triplex and Karm Fork)

- Anchor handling equipment

- Types of anchors

- Fishing and Grapnels operations

- Anchor deployment – PCP / Buoy

- Anchor systems

- Rigging for Anchor handling

- Running and retrieving anchors at deep and shallow water

- GOMO guilders

- Training of communication and teamwork between: commanding officer / winch operator / deck / rig

- Ship handling, problem solving and decision making


How to book

The course is run on demand, please contact the Admissions Team for information or forthcoming availability:

Telephone: +38 (095) 496 36 37 / +38 (067) 340 52 54 


Normal office hours are:
Monday - Friday: 09.00 - 16.30 


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